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by Artist Carol Ratliff


Allen Residence, 29" x 36" 

Mission "San Carlos Borromeo De Carmelo",  Carmel Mission Church


my kitchen mural.JPG (43712 bytes)   teddybear mural.JPG (50370 bytes)   desert.JPG (66578 bytes)   seaweed mural.JPG (160973 bytes)

Kitchen Murals 3x3' ,1x2'                  Teddy Bear   20x28"        Desert Oasis 18x30"          Lost Seaweed   18x30"


Flynt day lillies.JPG (268490 bytes)        iris, Flynt mural.jpg (166311 bytes)         Flynt mixed bouquet.JPG (282827 bytes)

Larry Flynt Residence,  Day lillies                   Flynt Residence,  Iris                  Flynt Mixed Bouquet




Public Art Project @ Mesa College Child Development Center, San Diego, CA

Installation by Farrell Ratliff - be sure to check out Tile Installations for more.







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