Ratliff Horsehair Raku

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            by  Artist Carol Ratliff




Horsehair Raku

Pieces are pulled from the kiln and horsehair is applied (preferably long tail hairs).  

Yes, it does stink.  The end effect is the squiggly black carbon lines that the horsehair leaves smoked into the clay form. The process is influenced by the kiln and outside temperatures.  It is then up to the whim of the wind gods.    

No animals are harmed in the pursuit of things to burn on pottery.

Custom orders are accepted to fire your horses hair on a pot or urn.  This technique can also be used with other animal hairs that are coarse enough.  Call or email me to discuss your ideas.

Custom Pet Hair - Pieces are not limited to just horsehair!  I can also offer custom work using your pets hair or that of wild animals from the Northwest such as:  bear, elk, porcupine guard hairs, moose, coyote, and Icelandic sheep.




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